3rd Expert Session - Innovation-oriented ecosystems

10.09 2014

3rd Expert Session “Innovation-oriented ecosystems”



On September, 10th PARP, as part of its TAFTIE Chairmanship, organised a third expert session this year. The session contributed to the theme of creating the innovation oriented ecosystems.

In order to find new solutions to the challenges facing our economy and society it is clear different stakeholders must work together. Innovation and technology development are results of a complex set of relationships among actors in the system, which include: enterprises, universities and research institutes, national and regional governments, business environment institutions, as well as business networks.
Innovation ecosystems form the platform for the development of creativity and innovation in a variety of ways. Well-functioning environment brings huge opportunities - allows to create value, which would not have been able to generate by a single company or organization.

The Expert Session discussions were held in the following areas of interest particularly:

  • Success factors of innovation-oriented ecosystems
  • How to build local and regional innovation-oriented ecosystems
  • Knowledge-intensive services as a business support instrument
  • Role of ecosystems in intensifying the innovation processes in businesses
  • Creating an innovative environment in the region through social innovation

We had a chance to listen to expwerts dealing with the development of innovation-oriented ecosystems  in Poland: Marcin Baron – Innoco, Elżbieta Książek – Poznań Science and Technology Park and Eurada, Katarzyna Ziemann – Pomeranian Science and Technology Park, Social Innovation Centre in Gdynia as well as Łukasz Sztern representing PARP. Mr Michał Guć, Deputy President of the City of Gdynia welcomed TAFTIE EWG members with an opening speech.



Lukasz Sztern - Role of ecosystems in intensifying the innovative processes in businesses - examples of ecosystems operating in Poland


The meeting took place in the premises of the Pomeranian Science & Technology Park.