Expert Session + Networking Workshop

Enhancing operational cooperation with EIB/EIF and the EC:
RDI risk sharing schemes and EU instruments


Host: Bpifrance


Place: Strasbourg (European Parliament)


Date: September 22, 2016


Length: One day from 14:00 to 18:00


Speakers: EIB Group, Taftie Agencies


Moderator: Christian Dubarry, Laurence Faigenbaume, Bpifrance


The workshop had 2 focuses:


  1. 1) New EU debt instruments for innovation financing: Innovfin SMEG, InnovFin large projects and national agencies

Under Innovfin, the EC and EIB Group have created new schemes for financing RDI investments in SMEs, midcaps and large entities; these programmes also provide support for financing commercialization phases (post RDI). Given their increasing importance in the European landscape of innovation financing, the synergies with innovation agencies activities were discussed, taken into account the various implementation models (implementation by financial intermediaries (public, private) or directly by EIB for large amounts).


  1. 2) Non-grant financing and RDI projects:

With an ongoing public expenditure limitation, non-grant financing may offer appropriate responses in the context of various EU instruments; presentations addressed complementary issues:

  • - Financing European RDI collaborative projects (eg ERANet)
  • - Financing close-to-market innovation projects (eg  SME Instruments projects Seal of Excellence Phase 2)
  • - The implementation of non-grant RDI financing with ESIF


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