Knowledge Capitalisation - White Paper

24.07 2019


Under the 2019 Chairmanship of Luxinnovation, a strong emphasis has been placed on the collection of key learnings during the various Taftie meetings, particularly arising from the detailed discussions during Expert Sessions that precede the Executive Working Group meetings.

Unfortunately, it has been the case that the content of these discussions, often very relevant for Taftie members, has not been recorded and has therefore been lost.
It is the intention of the Luxinnovation chairmanship to capture the essential elements of these Expert Session discussions in the form of a White Paper to be entitled
“State Aid considerations when developing innovation ecosystems – A perspective of innovation agencies”.
In this manner, the document will become a valuable reference for all members.


This document is therefore a partial report, being based on the results of the first two Expert Sessions. The final version, to be disseminated in December 2019, will also contain the observations from the third Expert Session as well as a section with recommendations.


Report on the two first 2019 Taftie Expert Sessions