Networking Workshop Impact Assessment on R&D public policies in the European context: data, procedures and methodologies

"Good presentations and interesting discussions and I will recommend it to my colleagues."

Jonny Paulsson, Vinnova 


"I really enjoyed this impact. It shows the strength of the network. Prof. Heimer did a great keynote and moderation. Good mix of presentations and interaction."
Mike Timmermans, RVO 


"That was my first TAFTIE Academy and I really appreciate the sharing of experience and the inputs. ANI wants to start implementing IA, therefore participating in this workshop was very useful for us to learn the best practices of our collegues from TAFTIE."
Rosalina Soares, National Innovation Agency Portugal 

Date & Place: 28 June 2016, Berlin


Length: 1 day




Speaker: Prof. Dr. Thomas Heimer, Technopolis Group Deutschland and Hochschule RheinMain


Moderator: Dr. Jan Wessels, VDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbH

Brief Description

The workshop  addressed impact assessment and its various aspects including objectives and methodologies.

It focused on:

- the various facets and character of impact assessment

- procedural and methodological aspects

- and possible achievements.


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