• 08.05 2014

    On 8 May 2014, the TAFTIE Expert Session II entitled “Promoting Innovation: a need or a must?” took place in Katowice, under the PARP Chairmanship. The meeting was organised as a part of the 6th European Economic Congress.

  • 14.03 2014

    Dates of the Executive Working Group (EWG), Board and General Meetings, as well as the date of the Annual Conference and the Policy Forum

  • 04.03 2014
  • 10.06 2013


  • 28.02 2013


  • 11.12 2012

    The second Board Meeting in 2012 takes place on 11th December in Brussels.
    This is the day after the Policy Forum.

  • 10.12 2012

    This year's Policy Forum has the following theme: 
    Horizon 2020: Delivering Economic Growth through Innovation

    It takes place in Brussels on 10th December 2012, followed by a Board Meeting the next day (11th December).

  • 18.09 2012

    Meeting III - Birmingham

    September 18th & 19th 2012


    18th September – mid afternoon

  • 12.06 2012

    The first Board meeting in 2012 will take place on 12th June. This is the day after the Annual Conference.
    Venue will be the Møller Centre, a multi award winning residential management training and conference centre located at Churchill College in the University of

  • 08.05 2012

    Meeting II – Edinburgh

    May 8th & 9th 2012

    8th May – mid afternoon

    Expert Session” on Horizon 2020 at the Taftie Executive Working Group meeting on the 8th May in Edinburgh, Scotland